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Alphabetical List of Symptoms

Symptoms usually indicate the presence of an illness. Learn more here so you can provide an accurate description of these symptoms to your doctor who will make a definitive diagnosis or prescribe an appropriate diagnostic test.


Abdominal Cramps

Abdominal Pain and Discomfort

Abdominal Swelling

Abnormal Bleeding

Abnormal Bone Development

Abnormal Facial Features

Abnormal Eye Features

Abnormal Skull

Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding Before Puberty

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Absence of Low Density Lipoproteins

Absence of Menstruation

Absence of Primary or Permanent Teeth

Aches and Pains

Acid Taste in Mouth




Appetite Loss


Back Pain

Bad Breath



Blackheads and Whiteheads


Black Stools

Bleeding and Bruising

Bleeding Disorders

Bleeding Gums



Blisters on Genitals

Blisters on Hands and Feet

Blisters Grouped Inside Red Rings

Bloating and Stomach Distress

Blocked Nasal Passages

Blood in Urine

Blood/Mucous in Stools

Bluish Lips and Nails

Bluish-White Skin

Blurred Vision

Bone Pain

Bony Protrusion at Base of Big Toe

Brain Pressure

Breathing Difficulty

Breast Lumps and/or Tenderness

Breast Pain

Breast Tenderness

Breasts that are Tender and/or Swollen

Bright Red Skin Patches

Broken Blood Vessel in Eye

Bruise Easily

Bulging Eyes

Burning/Gnawing/Aching Stomach

Burning Sensation in the Fingers

Burning Sensation in Skin

Burning Urination



Cardiac Arrest

Cervical Infection

Cessation of Menstruation

Change in Vaginal Tissue Color

Change in Bowel Habits

Change in Size/Color of Mole

Cheek Pain

Chest Pain


Chin Numbness

Choking Sensation

Chronic Infection Around Finger Nails

Clammy Skin

Clicking Sound in Jaw

Cluster of Small, Rough-Surfaced Bumps on Skin

Coarse Hair

Cold Hands

Cold Hands and/or Feet

Colored Sputum





Cottage Cheese-Like Vaginal Discharge

Cough with Bloody Sputum

Cracking of Skin

Cracking or Grating Sounds in Affected Joints

Crooked Nose

Crossed Eyes

Crust on Eyelids

Crying Bouts

Curvature of the Spine

Curving of the Upper Body


Damp Musty Foot Odor

Darkening of Skin, Scars and Nipples

Dark Spots on Skin

Dark Urine


Decreased Sense of Taste and Smell

Deformed Hip Appearance

Deformed Ears

Deformed Spinal Column

Dehydration Fluid Loss



Developmental Disturbance of Fetal Brain


Diabetes Mellitus

Difficulty Breathing

Difficulty Concentrating

Difficulty Moving Joint

Difficulty Moving Tongue or Jaw

Difficulty Chewing

Difficulty Making Decisions

Difficulty Speaking

Difficulty Starting or Stopping Urine Flow

Difficulty Urinating

Difficulty Swallowing

Dilated Pupils

Discharge from Ear

Discharge from Eye

Discharge from Penis

Discharge of Pus

Discoloration of Nails

Discolored Finger/Toe Nails


Disproportionately Large Hands

Distended Neck Veins

Distorted Body Image

Distorted Facial Features


Double Vision


Drooping Eyelids


Dry Eyes

Dry Hacking Cough

Dry Mouth

Ducklike Gait

Dull Pain Below Ear



Eating Disorders


Edema of the Eyelids

Elevated Blood Glucose Levels

Elevated Blood Pressure

Emotional Distress

Enlarged Lymph Nodes

Enlarged Liver


Enlarged Clitoris

Enlarged Misshapen Bones

Enlarged Spleen

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Excessive Bleeding

Excessive Growth Tall Stature

Excessive Self-Confidence

Excessive Sleeping

Excessive Weight Gain

Extreme Levels of Activity

Eye Discomfort

Eye Disorders

Eye Irritation

Eye Itchiness

Eye Pain

Eye Pupil Dilation

Eye Redness

Eye Swelling

Eyelash Loss

Eyelid Crusting

Eye Pupil Opaque Milky White

Eyelid Redness and Swelling

Eyelid Spasm


Facial Grimacing in Children

Facial Pain

Facial Hair Growth in Women




Fast Weak Pulse

Fat Build Up on Upper Trunk

Fat Malabsorption


Feel Listless


Fever Blisters on Gums

Fingers Turn Pale with Cold or Stress

Flaking Skin Between Toes

Floating Spots in Field of Vision

Fluid in Lungs

Fluid in Abdomen

Fluid Retention

Flushed Face

Foot Odor

Foot Pain

Foot Pain and Stiffness

Foul Smelling Stools

Frequent Falls

Frequent Headaches with Vomiting

Frequent Infections

Frequent Respiratory Infections

Frequent Urination

Fullness in Ear

Fullness in Rectum



General Weakness

Genital Abnormalities


Genital Itching and Pain

Genital Skin Blisters

Gradual Loss of Vision

Gritty Feeling in Eye

Grayish Membrane in Throat

Green Yellow Genital Discharge


Hair Loss

Halo Effect

Hand and Feet Abnormalities

Hand Abnormalities

Hardness of a Vein

Hairy Looking Tongue


Head and or Face Abnormalities


Hearing Loss

Progressive Hearing Loss


Heart Defects

Heart Murmur

Heart Failure

Heart Palpitations

Heartburn Symptoms



High Acid Level in Blood

High Blood Sugars

High Cholesterol

Hip Arm Fractures

Hip Pain


Hormone Disturbance

Hot Flashes



Impaired Judgment

Impaired Memory

Impaired Motor Function

Impaired Sense of Smell

Inability to Bear Weight

Inability to Urinate

Inability to Open Jaw Wide

Inability to Close Mouth

Inability to Make a Fist

Inadequate Eye Lubrication


Increased Menstrual Flow

Increased Sensitivity to Light

Increased Tear Production

Increased Urination


Inflamed Foreskin and Head of Penis

Inflammation of Joints

Inflammation of Lower Eyelid

Inflamed Tonsils

Inflamed Urethra


Intense Feelings of Guilt

Involuntary Eye Movement

Inward Turning Overlapping Toes

Irregular Heartbeat

Irregular Menstruation

Irregular Whitish Lines in Mouth and Vagina



Itchy Feet

Itchy Rectum

Itchy Red Spots



Jaw Pain

Jaw Swelling and Pain

Jerks Uncontrollably

Joint Pain

Joint Swelling

Joint Stiffness

Joint Tenderness


Lack of Bowel Control

Lack of Muscle Tone

Late Puberty Changes

Leg Pain

Leg Ulcers

Lesions on Penis Vagina Rectum


Light Flashes in Field of Vision


Lip and or Genital Lesions

Lip/Genital Itching


Liver Damage

Localized Pain or Limp

Loose Stools

Loss of Alertness

Loss of Balance

Loss of Bowel Control

Loss of Consciousness

Loss of Facial Expression

Loss of Interest

Loss of Mobility of Joint

Loss of Muscle Strength

Loss of Sense of Smell

Loss of Sex Drive

Loss of Urinary Control

Loss of Height

Low Back Pain

Low Blood Glucose Level

Low Blood Pressure

Low-Set Ears

Lump in Breast that Moves Freely

Lump or Thickening in Throat

Lump in Breast

Lump in Throat

Lymph Node Pain



Malformed Nipples

Mass in Upper Abdomen

Memory Loss

Menstrual Irregularities

Menstruation Changes

Menstruation Heavy Painful

Mental Retardation

Misshapen Nails

Moist Crusted Pus Filled Lesions

Mood Swings

Motion Sickness

Mouth Nose Ulcers

Mucosa Skin Lesions

Mucous Discharge from Rectum

Muscle Aches

Muscle Coordination Impaired

Muscle Cramps

Muscle Spasms

Muscle Stiffness

Muscle Weakness

Muscular Atrophy

Muscle Twitching

Muscular Pain


Nails Pitted Ridged Yellow

Nasal Congestion

Nasal Discharge


Neck Pain

Nerve Damage


Night Sweats

Nipple Pain or Retraction

Nodules on Legs Change Color

Nodules Under Skin

Nodule Unresponsive to Medication



Numbness in an Arm or Leg

Numbness on One Side of the Body

Numbness and Tingling Around the Mouth, Hands and Feet



Odd Head Posture

Oral Skin Blisters

Ovarian Cysts


Painful Gums

Pain on Sole of Foot When Walking

Painful Periods

Painful Blisters on the Body

Painful Red Nodules on Legs

Painful sexual Intercourse

Painful Urination

Pain and Swelling of Salivary Gland

Pain Over Temples

Pain in Jaw

Pain in Lower Back Pelvis and Thighs

Pain in Upper Abdomen

Pain or Burning on Urination

Pain Numbness and Tingling in Fingers


Pale Clammy Skin


Paralysis of Face

Paralysis of Limbs and Face

Pelvic Pain

Peptic Ulcers

Persistent Cough

Personality Change

Pinhead Sized Bumps on Sole of Foot

Plugged Ear

Poor Balance in Young Children

Poor Exercise Tolerance

Poor Blinking Reflex

Poor Circulation

Poor Hygiene and Appearance

Poor Muscle Coordination

Poor Muscle Tone

Poor Weight Gain in Children

Post Nasal Drip

Pressure in Cheeks

Pressure in Chest

Pressure on Bladder or Rectum

Prolonged Fever or Illness

Prominent Abdomen and Buttocks

Prone to Infections

Psoriasis-Type Lesions on Palms Soles and Around Nails


Puffy Eyes


Puffy Face

Purple Finger Toe and or Nail Beds

Purple Skin and Nails

Purplish Bumps on Skin

Pus Drainage Through Skin Abscess

Pus and Mucus in Tear Duct

Pus-Filled Lump

Pus-Filled Blisters

Pustules in or Through Hair Follicles

Pustules on Face and Torso

Pustules on Scalp


Rapid Breathing

Rapid Heart Rate


Rectal Bleeding

Rectal Discomfort

Recurrent Respiratory Infections

Recurring Bronchitis

Recurring Pneumonia

Red Blood Cell Abnormalities

Red Circular Lesions

Red Complexion

Red Eyes

Red, Itchy Blisters on Head and Trunk

Red Lumps on Skin

Red Patches on Skin

Redness in the Vagina

Redness Pain and Vaginal Itching in Girls

Red Spots on Upper Trunk

Red Stretch Marks

Red Throat

Red Tonsils

Red Swollen Tender Nodules Along Artery

Red Swollen Tongue

Redness and Tenderness in Roof of Mouth

Reduced Urine Output


Repeated Infections

Respiratory Skin Infections


Retarded Growth

Retarded Mental Development

Retinal Vessel Changes

Rigid Muscles

Ringing in the Ear

Round Face

Runny Nose


Scaly Cracked Skin Area

Scaling Oozing Bleeding of Lump

Scrotal Swelling

Secretive Eating


Self-Induced Vomiting

Sensitivity to Light

Sexual Impotence

Sharp Pain in Chest

Sharp Pain with Bowel Movement

Sharp Shooting Pain in Wrist and Arm


Short Upper Arms and Legs

Shortness of Breath

Shoulder or Arm Pain

Shuffling Walk

Single Hard Nodule in Thyroid

Skeletal Abnormalities

Skin Black Discolored

Skin Blisters

Skin Hardening and or Thickening

Skin Inflammation Around Mouth or Anus

Skin Irritation or Dimpling in Breast

Skin Itchiness Tenderness or Pain

Skin Lesions

Skin Loss of Elasticity

Skin Pierce Marks

Skin Problems

Skin Rash Disorders

Skin Rash

Skin Tenderness

Sleep Problems

Slow Development in Infants

Slow Pulse

Slow Speech and Thought

Slurred Speech

Small Cluster of Bumps and Growths on Penis Vagina or Rectum

Small Bumps Under Skin

Small Ulcers in Mouth Tongue or Penis

Small White Patches on Skin


Social Isolation

Sores on Genitals Rectum or Mouth

Sores on the Penis Vagina or Cervix

Sore or Spot in Mouth

Sore Throat

Spasm of the Eyelid

Spinning Sensation

Spontaneous Bleeding from Nose and or Mouth

Spotting or Bleeding

Sticky, Hard to Cough Up Sputum

Stiffening and Twitching

Stiff Neck

Strenuous Physical Activity


Strong Odor

Stunted Growth


Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

Subcutaneous Bleeding

Sudden Loss of Energy in Children

Sudden Sleep Episodes

Sunken Eyes

Susceptibility to Infections



Swelling and Pain in Legs

Swelling in Breast

Swelling in the Mouth and Throat

Swelling in Neck

Swelling of Eye

Swelling of Feet Legs and Abdomen

Swelling Pus and or Mucus in Tear Ducts

Swollen Abdomen

Swollen Ankles

Swollen Calves

Swollen Joints

Swollen Glands

Swollen Red Soft Gums

Swollen Testicles

Swollen Tongue



Taste or Salivation Change


Tenderness and Pain Around a Vein

Tender Jaw Muscles

Tenderness in Knees and Ankles

Tender Scrotum

Testicular Atrophy

Testicular Swelling

Thickening Scaling of Skin

Thick Sticky Foul Smelling Fatty Stools

Tingling Around Mouth Hands and Feet

Tingling in Legs

Thin White Vaginal Discharge


Throat Covered with Grayish Membrane

Tiny White Spots in the Mouth and/or the Throat

Throat Pain

Throbbing Bone Pain

Throbbing Joint Pain

Throbbing Pain in the Head

Tightness in Chest

Tooth Ache


Tunnel Lesions Under Skin


Ulceration on Penis

Ulcers on the Eyelids

Ulcers on the Fingertips

Ulcers on the Tongue

Ulcers on Toes and Fingers

Uncontrolled Jerking Movements

Uncoordinated Eye Movements

Underdeveloped Jaw Bone

Uneven Shoulders

Urinary Tract Infection


Unpredictable Irrational Behavior

Unusual Body Posture in Young Children

Unusual Mass or Swelling

Unusual Palm Creases

Urge to Urinate


Urinary and or Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal Bleeding in Girls

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal Discharge Before Puberty

Vaginal Discomfort During Intercourse

Vaginal Itching

Vague Imagined Pains

Varicose Veins in the Testicles


Vivid Dreams and Hallucinations

Visible Red Blood Vessels

Vision Disturbances

Vision Impaired

Visual Halo Effect

Voice Changes



Warm Skin

Warm Tender Breasts

Water Retention

Watery Eyes

Watery Rectal Discharge

Weak Immune System

Weak Pulse

Weak Interrupted Urine Flow

Webbed Fingers or Toes

Weight Gain

Weight Loss


White Blood Cell Count Elevated

White Coating on Tonsils

White Cyst 1cm to 4cm in Diameter

Whitish Ring Around Pupils


Wrinkled Skin


Yellowing of Skin


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