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Dwarfism is characterized by short upper arms and legs, abnormal skull, sparse hair, skeletal abnormalities, heart defects, skeletal deformities, hearing loss, skin rash disorders, vision impaired, cleft palate and cleft lip.  It is believed that dwarfism is the outcome of cessation or diminution of secretion of the growth-hormone releasing factor.

The following will help you learn more about the Signs and Symptoms of this condition.  You should talk to your doctor to obtain more information and about an examination and testing. 

Human Anatomy

Skeletal and Muscle Systems

Muscle Physiology Site

Bone Structure and Function

Anatomy of Endocrine System

Endocrinology and Endocrine Surgery

Anatomy of the Skin

Skin Disease Resource Site

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What is Dwarfism?

Types of Dwarfism?

Additional Information

Understanding Birth Defects

Genetics Information

Jewish Genetic Diseases

Genetic Counseling

Genetics Testing Labs

Alliance for Genetic Support

National Center for Birth Defects

Worldwide Birth Defects Information

Anatomy Sites

Patient Tutorials

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